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Our 8, well-stocked warehouses are strategically located across North America to ensure our orders get delivered quickly.



icon1 Availability of Parts


We are constantly building Roadwarrior parts and update our online stock information regularly, if a part isn’t available online we usually have one coming up in our manufacturing facility. Call to inquire how quickly we can get the part to you.


icon1 OEM Direct Fit


Roadwarrior parts are direct fit replacements for OEM systems to ensure that installation is as quick and easy as possible. Roadwarrior parts include all necessary ports and attachments for sensors and are designed to operate in the exact same capacity as the original OEM part.


icon1 Newly Manufactured


Roadwarrior DPFs and DOCs are always newly built, never re manufactured or re-conditioned. All Roadwarrior parts are backed with a one-year warranty.


icon1Coated with Platinum Group Metals


Roadwarrior DOCs are coated with platinum-group metals (PGMs) platinum or palladium to match the catalytic activity level of the OEM component.


*Roadwarrior parts are not currently available for sale or use in California.